Below are some of my most asked questions and answers.  If there is anything here that I have not covered, feel free to contact me.

Q~ I’ve booked my session. Now what?

A~ Once you have booked, I will send you an email detailing a number of items, like how to prepare, manicure, pedicure moisturizing, tanning (its a no no!) and most importantly; wardrobe.

Q~ What about my hair and make up?

A~ Styling for camera is very different to everyday make-up and needs to be much heavier and smooth to cover any blemishes, acne etc. The price of your session includes full hair and make up pampering. After a discussion with my hair and make up artist, she will transform you for the camera styled to your liking. While you are sitting in the makeup chair, you will have a chance to relax and chat before your shoot. Come with a clean moisturized face and clean dry hair (best if washed the night before) and be ready to get gorgeous!


Q~ What if I don’t like my photos?

A~ After photographing women for over 7 years, I am confident that you will be thrilled with your final images. As well, we discuss how you want to be photographed during our consult which helps us plan your shoot and your photos so you get the images you want.  However, at your reveal, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, you do not need to purchase any of your portraits.

Q~I am really nervous! Is that normal?

A~It is definitely normal to be nervous for your photo shoot when we first start. However, within five or ten minutes of the session, most women not only feel comfortable, but confident and beautiful.

Q~How will I know how to pose?

A~You don’t need to know- that’s my job! I know all the tips and tricks to create the most flattering angles for women of all shapes and sizes. Don’t you worry about posing, I’ll help you pose everything from your toes to your chin.

Q~ Who is my photographer?

A~ Your photographer is me! I will be the one doing your shoot from start to finish. Sometimes there will be an assistant depending on the amount of people in your group (mother/and daughters for example)  (for boudoir IF I use an assistant it will be a female). I do your re-touching and I review your images with you.


Q~ Can I be photographed with my husband/boyfriend?

A~ Yes, if you can get your sweetheart in for a session, that is a wonderful idea.  I call that “Date Night” you come in, get your hair and make up done and get gorgeous. I shoot you alone, then both of you together (him on his own as well if he is down for that!) Then go out afterwards because you are going to look (and feel) like a super model!

Q~ What happens after my session?

A~ After your session-go home and relax! You did such a great job, beautiful!  We will set up another time to meet in about 2 weeks, where we will review your images together.  I will help you choose your favorite portraits.

Q~ Can I get just the digitals?

A~The corresponding digitals come with any portraits you purchase. You may opt out of the product for just the files, but the price will remain the same.

Q~ Will my images be shown on the internet?

A~ The images you see on my website, blog or Facebook are shown with that client’s permission only.  Here is my Privacy Policy.

Q~ Can I give a session as a gift?

A~ Of course! Gift cards are available in denominations of $100 & $500 and can be used towards sessions fees or products. Just let me know what you are looking to spend. I will package it and wrap it for you- all ready for gift giving.

Q~ I really want to do this, but I don’t think I can afford it.

A~ This is a wonderful experience which will result in images that you and the people who love you, will have for generations.  I offer payment plans to make a portrait experience manageable for any budget. This is something you will cherish for your lifetime and you will be able to look back at your pictures and cherish the memories and experience for years to come. My payment plans are no interest and are tailored to your specific needs. Would you like me to explain how that would work for you?

Q~ How many images will I have to choose from?

A~ I take plenty of images during a session.  After the shoot, I go through all of them and keep only the ones that meet my high standards. Duplicate or blurry images, unflattering poses or closed eyes are deleted.  We will have approximately 20-24 images to choose from.

Q~Can I bring someone with me to the shoot for moral support?

A~You can bring them, but they will be waiting in the makeup area (outside the studio) while we are shooting.  I do not allow friends or partners in the studio during a shoot unless they are in the shoot with you.

Q~ Do you retouch the photos?

A~ I firmly believe that every woman is beautiful, and my posing techniques are designed to make the most of every shape, enhancing your positives, and hiding problem areas. As well, my hair and make up artist is very skilled and will help you look amazing! But I do know that you want to look your very best in your photos. My advanced retouching includes skin perfecting, slight body contouring, and touch ups. From acne to wrinkles, and scars to cellulite, don’t worry, I have you covered.  If there is something specific you do NOT want removed, please make sure to let me know during our session. For more information on this and more, sign up for my mailing list (Below) for my free e-magazine.

Q~ I have a few girlfriends that want to come at the same time. Do you offer parties?

A~Why yes I do. Thanks for asking!  Each session fee covers a boudoir OR glamour shoot for you and up to one other woman you would like to bring- whether it’s your mother, girlfriend, sister, or daughter.  You will both have your hair and make up professionally done, and you will both have your own shoot- back to back (but each shoot is private).   You can also have more women for a boudoir party and a super fun model for a day experience! Celebrate birthdays, girls nights, bachelorettes, or just because! Contact me for details.


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