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I am a portrait photographer. I specialize in photographing women. All ages. All shapes. All sizes.

In my photography career I have shot everything from food, to babies, to weddings, and everything in between. I soon realized that I am really good at photographing women. I know how to pose women. I know how to light women. And I know how to make women feel beautiful (and comfortable) in front of my camera, whether you are wearing a beautiful little black cocktail dress, a sparkly gown, sexy lingerie, business atire or cut-offs and a tank.

Maybe you are a business woman or entrepreneur looking for beautiful portraits to help you stand out from the crowd, or a bride-to-be looking for beautiful intimate images to gift to your new husband, or an empty nester who is ready to be pampered and reminded how beautiful she is. Or maybe you want to document your relationship with your daughter, or mother…or both! Whatever your reason is to have beautiful portraits of yourself, please consider me. I will show you the best photos of you that you have ever seen!

I completely love my job, and I feel honoured and privileged that so many women have allowed me to capture their beauty and female-ness (Is that even a word?).  I want to show every woman that she is beautiful. I want to give you photos you will LOVE and be proud of!

A session with me is a very unique photography experience. You will have the same professional hair and make up, lighting, effort and post production that would go into a major magazine, like Vogue or Victoria Secret.  It is a huge confidence booster; You will feel like a super model!

I know you have questions. From what to wear, to what to expect. Visit my page of frequently asked questions, sign up for my newsletter (below) to stay in touch, or join my private Facebook group (for ladies only) and, as always, if there is anything else you need to know, contact me directly and I would be happy to speak with you!

This is going to change the way you see yourself!




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